Special Employment Fair For 2500 Women Apply Now?

Special Employment Fair For 2500 Women Apply Now?

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In today’s articles I am going to tell about similar employment opportunities in which getting a job has become very difficult and Indian government has provided many opportunities for women.
Friends from 5th July there is going to be a one day special meet for women for 2500 seats this opportunity is provided for women above 18 years of age so it is a golden opportunity for many young women there are some terms and conditions you will be screened accordingly also in this meet 18 private companies will be participating and all these companies will provide employment up to 2500 or more.

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This gathering is planned in the nearby ITI college so that maximum number of women can benefit from this opportunity and maximum number of women will get employment opportunity for women the cost is an opportunity as 18 companies are going to provide them job opportunity at one place Now what is the educational qualification of women required A little information further we are going to see. How women can earn ten thousand rupees a month sitting at home?

What Is The Educational Qualification Required For Women To Get A Job?

First of all friends this opportunity is presented for women so we all should take care that we can understand or give opportunity in this article how maximum women can benefit from this opportunity. Friends see in this to get any job first of all you need to have educational qualification according to which there are many famous companies participating in this meeting you have to fill some educational documents first here if you have passed 10th or 12th then your mark sheet It is necessary to submit or bring along here according to if your graduation is complete then you must have degree certificate say if you have completed your graduation from BA B.Com or Science then you must have degree in that subject so your chance to get job All women should note that you must have your Aadhaar card or any identity card as the case may be and no fee will be charged from women to participate in this gathering.

Also friends if you have some extra marks you can also include in it like if you have done tally or MS-CIT then friends you can add these certificates too so your resume will be very cool and weighty and max. You will get an opportunity here, although some women have a lot of abilities, they do not show their participation in such an opportunity, women should take initiative by participating in this and very famous company will participate in this, so you will get many employment opportunities and you will get many things to learn and experience.

Now, friends, first of all we have taken the information about the educational qualification you will need in this and also we are going to get some information about which companies are going to participate in this meeting in this short article.


Major company participating in employment fair.

No Company Spacial sector
1 RC Enterprises
2 Utkarsh Bank famous bank
3 Dixon Technology Electronic company
4 Credit Access Rural Kuta Micro Finance
5 Tesco Renewal Eng Renewable energy
6 G Four AS Security A security service
7 SIS Security An international security company

Friends these are all the famous companies which I have mentioned to you and in which sector they are famous but I have told you in this but maximum you ladies try that you will get job in this sector and you can make good income.

How Much Will The Salary Meet After Getting Employment?

First of all after getting a job in any sector in 18 private companies women can work anywhere in Bihar also if their educational qualification is good then they can get selected in any company in India. Salary will be given from 10000 to 30000 you can get salary you need to make your resume strong.
In this, let’s take a little information about which skills you have to develop in yourself. In this, women should be able to operate a computer and they should be able to operate in MS Word Excel. Accordingly, you can get a good salary in these companies. A lot of emphasis should be placed on it and should be developed and applied accordingly

How To Apply For A Job?

Friends, you know that in the present age of internet, it is very important to apply online, and people find it convenient to apply online rather than going to the place and applying for many jobs, so you want to apply online for this job. There is no need to pay any extra fee and it is very easy to register for that friends you have to go to a website and register the website friends belongs to the government so you have no risk in this immediately friends you visit www.ncs.gov.in Go to the website and register, you will be asked some basic information, you have to upload the information, first of all, your name, current address, mobile number, Adhaar card number, you have to fill all the information in this form. If you want to upload your mark list photo here then click submit button and submit your form here so friends your online form will be filled here if you face any problem to fill online form then you can go to nearest cyber cafe and fill your form.
Also friends if you need any more job related information then you can visit our website immediately but no fee is charged for that and if you have any job opportunity in India then information is provided at the earliest.


On this website you will find and will continue to find all kinds of employment related information and since these articles are recruiting for 2500 posts for women, maximum women should share this article and send it to their other friends so that they can also take advantage of this employment opportunity and they will also benefit. According to the information that you have taken from the above articles that this gathering is going to start in July, you should also review all the information that I have given you in the above articles about how you can apply online and think about how maximum people can benefit from this employment opportunity. Send this article.

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